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Wednesday of the Second Week after Trinity

With these words God tenderly invites us to believe that He is our true Father and that we are His true children, so that with all boldness and confidence we may ask Him as dear children ask their dear father (Small Catechism: Lord's Prayer, Introduction).  [ read more ]

In Reflections // June 28, 2017

HT Video Short - It's Conference Time!

The newest HT Video Short - It's conference time!  [ read more ]

In Video Shorts // June 25, 2017

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 27

This week we examine more of the attacks on Luther after Augsburg and their consequences.  [ read more ]

In Articles // June 23, 2017

2017 Conference Shirt Thanks

See a sneak peak of this summer's conference t-shirts!  [ read more ]

In News // June 22, 2017

Episode 77: The Conference Edition

This week, the Pastor Riley is joined by a special guest, media executive Aaron Fenker, as they discuss what the summer HT conferences are all about.  [ read more ]

In Simulcast // June 22, 2017

Public sin - The Largely Catechized Life #44

Sometimes ignoring a problem is the same thing as condoning it. Saying nothing sometimes says a lot. Still, there is a difference between public sin and humiliating sinners.  [ read more ]

In The Largely Catechized Life // June 21, 2017

Concord #22: Good Works (part 3)

Although this doctrine is despised by the inexperienced, nevertheless God-fearing and anxious consciences find by experience that it brings the greatest consolation, because consciences cannot be set at rest through any works, but only by faith, when they take the sure ground that for Christ's sake they have a reconciled God.  [ read more ]

In Articles // June 21, 2017

Episode 76: The Forsaken God

This week, Pastor Riley and Kate examine the meaning of Christ's two natures in His sacrifice for us on the cross.  [ read more ]

In Simulcast // June 21, 2017

Turning Blessings into Idols

I'm guessing you probably want to be successful. End up with a big house, nice cars, all that sort of stuff. I'm guessing you probably don't want to end up a beggar.  [ read more ]

In Articles // June 20, 2017

Who Was Martin Luther? Part 26

This week we examine how Luther's debate with Cajetan and other events in Augsburg served to put Luther in even greater danger.  [ read more ]

In Articles // June 16, 2017

Hide Yo’ Priests, Hide Yo’ Idols - Gospeled Boldly #51

Don’t have ears but fail to hear this episode! In it, Pastor Eric Brown and Thomas Lemke read the account of Sampson’s demise - an event that gave him one of the greatest K/D ratios of all time!  [ read more ]

In Gospeled Boldly // June 16, 2017

Concord #21: Good Works (part 2)

Preachers of grace are often accused of neglecting the Law, and that was the case when the Lutheran reformers began to preach the Gospel. In answer to the charge that they had eliminated the Law from their teaching, they responded that their writings included much about the Ten Commandments and what God expects of people.  [ read more ]

In Articles // June 15, 2017